Living The Practice of Yoga || Saturday, February 17th, 12pm-2pm & 2:30pm-6pm || Emerge Yoga and Wellness, Massapequa, Long Island, New York

Though it’s been popularized in the West as primarily physical, only 12 of the 12,000 words in the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali are about posture. The rest detail the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the practice that have the power to transform who we are and how we live.

From 12pm-2pm, a challenging but accessible practice will link the physical and the philosophical, using the poses to connect to what’s within them and beyond them. This is open to all levels. Investment: $35 in advance, $40 the week of. Click HERE to sign up.

From 2:30pm-6pm, lecture and discussion will include an exploration of practical applications of the yamas and niyamas (yogic precepts for living) to modern day life and the unique challenges we face in these times. You will also learn how to guide students deeper through the marriage of posture and philosophy in your teaching. This is a module in Emerge Yoga and Wellness' 300 Hour Teacher Training but is also open to 200 hour trained teachers in any tradition and advanced students. Investment: $100. Click HERE to sign up.


Everything You Wanted to Know About Chaturanga but Were Afraid to Ask    Saturday, February 24th from 11am-1pm at Coolidge Corner Yoga, Brookline MA

Widely practiced but often misunderstood, learn to unlock the power that’s held within this pose. Align with strong anatomical principles to create muscular connection and a sound skeletal architecture. Dive deeper than the body to understand how this pose provides an opportunity for us to explore ourselves and our relationships to others and the world around us. It’s a lot for just one pose. But it’s all in there.

You’ll learn:
· How to build (and/or teach) chaturanga from the ground up
· Modifications for accommodating injuries/limitations
· Exercises and postures to build required strength
· How chaturanga and its preparatory poses can be applied to more advanced asana
· How to approach the practice in a way that illuminates and changes the way we live and love.

Price: $25 / $20 by February 17th || All workshops are non-refundable. || Click HERE to sign up (redirects to CCY's website).

Summer Retreat to Metta Earth Institute || Lincoln, Vermont, July 6-8, 2018, www.mettaearth.org

The main house and greenhouse at Metta earth institute

The main house and greenhouse at Metta earth institute

The Metta Earth Institute is a beautiful mecca of sustainability and heart-centered living-off-the-land in Lincoln, Vermont. Considered a spiritual center of the state, Lincoln, Vermont, is a high-vibrational host to this beautiful site. Built on 158 acres of mountains, fields, rivers, and trees, The Metta Earth Institute is a haven of permaculture, ecopsychology, environmentalism, and living lightly in the midst of its natural habitat. The opportunity at the Metta Earth Institute is to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement and to bring stewardship of the earth to the surface for examination and participation. There is a felt sense of oneness with all things, a centering into oneself, and a depth of connection that is humanizing and freeing against the backdrop of natural beauty and among other caring souls that is more available in this place through their vibrant mission and intentionality of action.

Their organic farm and flower garden is a sight to see, and is mostly what feeds and supports retreat participants for the entire weekend save a few supplemental foods from neighboring farms. The garden invites butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, and is lovingly planted on land that was blessed specifically by a Lama. It continues inside, and super special houseplants line the rooms of the main house, including a robust and mysterious Night Blooming Cereus. Daily meals, mostly grown from the organic farm on the property, are served community-style, where coming together to dine is an opportunity to experience express gratitude for the fruits of the earth, our togetherness, and the opportunity to practice.

Metta Earth Institute describes their mission in the following way: “We support living lightly and compassionately on the planet. Regenerative principles include: interdependence and a cooperative work ethic, conservation efforts for the protection of wild lands and native species, innovations in human-scale farming and gardening, contemplative practices including mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, culturally enhancing arts and healing practices, permaculture design, appropriate technologies, renewable energy, and green building.”

The main house “maximize(s) green building techniques and materials in every detail, such as the minimizing of waste through careful reuse and recycling, the use of nontoxic and eco friendly paints and building products, and energy efficient house systems...and serves as a common space for guests and staff with kitchen, bathing, library, laundry, dining, living and teaching spaces.” The Yoga Studio, also located in the main house, is floored with sustainably harvested bamboo and has light pouring in through large windows on both sides, facing the mountains and the gardens. Yurts on the premises offer another way to enjoy the land through your stay, as you have the opportunity to sleep in the midst of the forest in a sacred circular space. Camping is also offered for those who wish to bring their own tents to set up on the land.

The retreat includes three of the usual LA signature classes intended to deepen your practice, both physical and spiritual, complete with core connection and sermons of intention, to invite homecoming to and uniting of body and spirit. The practice is adaptive and can accommodate all abilities.and one restorative practice with sound healing and reiki. Meditation, both active and seated, is interspersed throughout. Gillian and Russell, owners and directors of The Metta Earth Institute, co-create the retreat and share the mission and values of the Metta Earth experientially throughout the time together. Gillian offers a meditation on harvesting in which we get our hands in the dirt on the farm to learn to connect more deeply to plants and the earth and join in the art and meditation of remembering the great mother from which we all come and to which we all return. Gillian and Russell share the mission of Metta Earth through their teachings and presence in daily ways that are woven into mundane interactions, making the ordinary extraordinary. Weather permitting, a bonfire helps us connect to the natural elements, allowing that energy to burn what no longer serves us and to kindle that which we wish to foster. Russell is at the helm in the kitchen, and helps us to remember where our nourishment comes from. Through his gentle presence, he teaches us the power of service and awareness.

Includes: all accommodations, all yoga, reiki, sound healing and meditation, a daily morning smoothie/juice offering before practice, three daily local organic meals, meditation on harvesting and lending a hand in the fields, farm tour/time with the animals, and a bonfire.

Does not include: transportation to and from the institute, purchases in the Metta Earth store. Items available for purchase may include cookbooks, fresh eggs, homemade kombucha, dried garlic and chilis, tinctures, maple syrup tapped from Metta Earth maples, homemade salves, and more.

Investment per person: Room in Main House: $575/Yurts on Premises: $535/Camping: $470

To register: A $100 deposit is required, and can be sent to Laura at PO Box 1266, Brookline MA, 02446 or through venmo. Please include two room choices with your deposit. This retreat is expected to fill before winter's end. Act fast. For more information, e-mail Laura@ahrens.yoga