Every Teacher Needs A Teacher: A Mentorship for Yoga Teachers with Laura Ahrens and Tatyana Souza || at Coolidge Yoga Brookline || Seven Sessions || March 1 & 15 | April 12 & 26 | May 3 & 24 | June 7 || 35 Hours (Yoga Alliance CEU) || www.coolidgeyoga.com

Every teacher needs a teacher! As yoga teachers, we learn so much out in the field, but it can be difficult to grow and evolve without continued guidance, support, refinement, and discipline. That’s where mentorship comes in… Mentorship will include:

  • Advanced vinyasa sequencing (lecture and practice).

  • Yoga philosophy, including a more in depth synthesis of the limbs of yoga (yamas and niyamas) and how to live and weave the philosophy into your teaching, practice, and daily life

  • Seeing bodies and advanced assists

  • Creative and innovative prop usage

  • How to weave pranayama into your classes

  • Effective and direct cueing, powerful use of language, and using your voice as a vehicle.

  • Monthly business checks-ins and support from your community to continue to grow your

  • career as a teacher. (You’ll be given homework and challenges between sessions.)

  • A unique aspect of our mentorship program will be a professional practicum. Since you will have some teaching hours under your belt, the feedback will land differently and is hard to come by otherwise! You will receive challenging yet encouraging feedback to propel you further towards your own potential.

  • Opportunities to apprentice and assist at the studio.

Requirements: Completion of 200-hour YTT || Attendance in two of Laura’s and two of Tatyana’s classes before commencement of the program; as well as three more of each of their classes over the duration of the mentorship || Teaching yoga for at least six months or have taught at least 10 group classes.

Additional Benefits: 35 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (CEU) credits || Personalized homework for growth as both a practitioner and teacher || Feedback to apply to your teaching moving forward || Commitment: Two fridays per month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Coolidge Yoga in Brookline. Dates listed above. Self Investment: $700 All workshops at Coolidge Yoga are non-refundable.

Poses and Pranayama: Breathwork Techniques to Concentrate Your Energy and Take Charge of Your Mind with Laura Ahrens and Tatyana Souza || Saturday, March 2, 2019, 1pm-3pm || Coolidge Yoga, 1297 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA www.coolidgeyoga.com

Designed equally for beginners and seasoned practitioners, in this class you will learn about the power of intentional breathing and refine your connection to your breath. A classical part of the yoga tradition, pranayama offers the opportunity to become more intimate with your own life force energy.

The breath is inextricably linked to the central nervous system, and even just once cycle of breath can signal either uneasiness or calm to the body and brain, which sends a surge of hormones to change your biochemistry. Beyond the massive effects breath has on our entire being, pranayama can also be practiced to prepare for concentration and meditation, which can actually rewire the brain over time.

In the course of this workshop, which will be mostly comprised of asana practice, pranayama practice, and lecture, you’ll learn a variety of different kinds of yogic breathwork and understand their purpose. You will leave with an understanding of techniques both for continuous practice and when you need them in a pinch.

Cost: $40 /$35 by February 23rd

All workshops at Coolidge Yoga are non-refundable.

Bhagavad Gita Book Club: Living A Life of Yoga || Coolidge Yoga Brookline || Fridays April 5, May 3, June 7 6:30-9:30pm || www.coolidgeyoga.com

The Bhagavad Gita is a sacred yogic text, often called a Dharma shastra, since it deals primarily with our purpose. Unlike some acetic texts, which outline the process of receding from society, withdrawing from interaction to be reclusive in practice, the Bhagavad Gita is a text about action, duty, and being in the world.

As a householder’s text, the Bhagavad Gita is relatable to those who have responsibilities, occupations, relationships, and children, and can’t (or don’t want to!) retreat to a cave to do their practice, but still want to have a meaningful connection to the way their yoga walks through the world with them.

In this group you will:

-Practice physical postural yoga each meeting || Gain understanding about the underlying concepts and themes of the Bhagavad Gita, some allegorical or metaphorical and incredibly applicable to life || Discuss assigned readings from the Bhagavad Gita as a community, with an opportunity to explore the richness of the material with like-minded others || Discover how this text can help you to live your yoga off the mat || Deepen your understand of/connecting to the philosophy of yoga || Learn practical applications of off-the-mat yoga skills

Laura will also assign optional exploration for between sessions to help you develop a relationship to the content in the month between meetings. Investment: $145 for 3 yoga classes, 6 hours of lecture and discussion, and weekly assignments/ discussion board contact between participants and leader in between sessions. www.coolidgeyoga.com || Please see refund and exchange policy at the bottom of the page.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Chatturanga (but were afraid to ask!) || Saturday, June 8th, 1-3pm || Coolidge Yoga Brookline, MA || www.coolidgeyoga.com

Widely practiced but often misunderstood, learn to unlock the power that’s held within this pose. Align with strong anatomical principles to create muscular connection and a sound skeletal architecture. Dive deeper than the body to understand how this pose provides an opportunity for us to explore ourselves and our relationships to others and the world around us. It’s a lot for just one pose. But it’s all in there.

You’ll learn: How to build (and/or teach) chatturanga from the ground up || Modifications for accommodating injuries/limitations || Exercises and postures to build required strength || How chatturanga and its preparatory poses can be applied to more advanced asana || How to approach the practice in a way that illuminates and changes the way we live and love.

Cost: $30 per person early bird, $35 regular registration. www.coolidgeyoga.com to register. Please see refund and exchange policy at the bottom of the page.