Everything You Wanted To Know About Chatturanga (but were afraid to ask!) || Saturday, June 8th, 1-3pm || Coolidge Yoga Brookline, MA ||

Widely practiced but often misunderstood, learn to unlock the power that’s held within this pose. Align with strong anatomical principles to create muscular connection and a sound skeletal architecture. Dive deeper than the body to understand how this pose provides an opportunity for us to explore ourselves and our relationships to others and the world around us. It’s a lot for just one pose. But it’s all in there.

You’ll learn: How to build (and/or teach) chatturanga from the ground up || Modifications for accommodating injuries/limitations || Exercises and postures to build required strength || How chatturanga and its preparatory poses can be applied to more advanced asana || How to approach the practice in a way that illuminates and changes the way we live and love.

Cost: $30 per person early bird, $35 regular registration. to register. Workshops at Coolidge Yoga are non-refundable.